Saturday, December 13, 2008

Over-indulgence parents

Buyers drawn by sea view (read original article here)

This would seem like another those boring overhyped HDB flat prices. The only line that caught my eyes was the seller's sharing that he sold the flat because :

'We were not in a hurry to sell the flat. But I wanted to move so that my son would be closer to his secondary school in Tampines. It takes him about an hour to get to school, and I've received complaints from his teacher about his being late. So I thought we should move closer to his school instead.'

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Is this another shining example of our parents possibly overly spoiling our kids in the name of misguided parental love. If he had said "oh the price is good and we like to keep the profit." Its fine by me. However, to uproot and move the whole family for a super lame excuse for a seemingly boy who could not even learnt to time manage, is way way way way overly way indulgent.

Rather than giving the boy a good talking to, the parents are encouraging such wayward behaviour. So why couldnt the son get up? What have been done to correct that with the techer's complaint, apart from resorting to moving house? Before the word MRT is in existence in Singapore, I used to have to wake up at 5am to take a bus from Bedok to Toa Payoh for school that starts at 7.20am. Dont see my parents selling the flat for me.

Singapore is fking small. 1 hour travel is no big deal either. From Marine Parade to Tampine, big freaking deal. Other children in other poorer nations are either dying to receive a proper education, and some even walk for more than half hour ON FOOT to get to school.

Hence to read about such questionable parental decision, to minimise all sort of inconvenience for their children is truly disheartening. (I hope it really just boil down to money... and the son was just a shield) Why on earth are we spoiling our kids so much? I am sure if the son had a party to head to, he wont be complaing about that 1hr journey. If the son has to Q for 1hr for some lame concert or tickets for something he like, he wont complain about the 1 hr. If the son had to ever travel the 1hr distance to send his future gf home or pick her up in the morn, he wont complain.

I can only hope and pray that people I know do not develop such unhealthy indulgence towards their kids. Sometimes, like caterpillar morphing into butterfly, a little hardwork and suffering is necessary for character building. Sometimes, good intention does more damage than good.

Sure, breaking through the chrysalis may prove to be frustrating or difficult, but what do butterflies know? It's just something that HAS to be done isnt it?

I believe people are made the same way. Like the butterfly, we each have a chrysalis. If we always remain comfortable and unwilling to "rough" it, we will die without getting to dry our wings in the sun, much less spread our wings and fly to the sky.

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Jo said...

I agree with you on some points but you know this is our 'old-age-people' thinking. I used to have to 'rough' it in everything 'cos there is not much choice in the old days. Everything is inconvenient back then. I believe if my parents have choice and can afford it, I won't have to 'suffer' so much...haha (e.g. squeeze in a car of >10 kids for the trip home everyday, smelling all the sweat and body odour).

Now that I could afford a lot of things myself, I tend to spoil myself too. I won't want to move to bigger city where I need to spend time on commute too. I saw my bro in Sydney spending time swearing in a car everyday due to traffic jam, I felt lucky about myself.

So I guess most parents do love their kids and try to reduce the 'suffer'. The kids in the pix look quite decent though.