Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What is it with rude HK people and hanging up without apology?

Anti-HK bashing that comes with living in this country has significantly reduced ever since I moved back from Sydney. If one has lived in that kind of "swamp" and moved back to Asia, one would realise by comparison, HK is a haven in many ways. Hence, I have been relatively been much happier and obliging (forgiving) of the HK ways.

However, today I snapped. It really isnt a big deal really but still it grinds and grates my nerves. What the hell is wrong with those rude HK people, hanging up the line without a word when they are faced with someone speaking English on the other line. I am getting increasingly fed up with this rude behaviour. In the middle of talking, or asked to hold, or a wrong phone call, I would only find myself stupidly listening to a dead phone tone out of nowhere. Fking hell. Not even a sorry.

Unapologetic Loud and Rude people tops the list of people that disgust and irate me the most, yes even before dishonest people.

Today, the staff at Lane Crawford bear the brunt of my pent up frustrations with this abnormal and discourteous manner. Some lady kept ringing my mobile and everytime I said "hello" the person hung up. By the third time, I decided to call back. The person was from Lane crawford and she was mumbling very quickly but I managed to get the drift that I could collect thge altered pants. I was asking her if it was ok to go collect the items without the receipt, and she just paused and hung up on me! Thinking it was a mistake, I rung up again and when she heard my voice, she damn well hung up again! Bitch! That really really pissed me off.

So I found a quieter corner in Ikea and called again. This time no one picked up. But I was already fumming mad and so I kept speed dialing until another lady picked up the phone. After verifying that I got the message right, I moved on to asking who was that rude lady who hung up the phone and WHY in heaven name she did that? It is so uncalled for especially when she was the one who made the call! The 2nd lady got abit stumped and asked me to call back later which I flatly refused and said to her "Look, I AM ALREADY CALLING BACK. So why should I call back again?"

She was surprised and said to wait, and I could hear her asking her colleague loudly in cantonese if she "CALLED ANY GWEI PO". What the fuck? And Of course I could hear the 2 bitching to and fro over the line, with the assumption I didnt know what the fuck they were saying.

I furiously made my way to Lane crawford in Times Square. At the back of my mind, I thought to myself. Is it that hard to apologise for your bad behaviour?

When I arrived, a guy served me instead with the pants already all ready to be carted away. I asked about the 2 ladies and he paused uncertainly asking what is the matter. I explained about the rude phone call and he paused and said sorry. He couldnt tell me where those 2 rude HK ladies were and I berated him about such bad service. I told him that even if she couldnt speak English it is fine, at least say "I will call back."

I am not buying some cheap $300 pants from some kowloon shop. Its Lane Crawford and more than half the clientele could be English Speaking and staff SHOULD IDEALLY be able to have some basic conversational english skills, not to mention telephone manners.

The whole episode felt me feeling pissed. It is NOT the first time. HK people just LOVE to cut people off and hang up the phone without a word of apology. Such rude disgusting manners as if they are still from countryside.

Its just their bad luck that I know where and who was the caller.
I was in such good mood until I pick up that damn call. Its no wonder I rarely check my phone anymore, only my emails. At least, I dun feel like I have a door slam in my face with emails...


littlecartnoodles said...

Wah seh - they thought you gweipo leh ...

I'm always surprised how so many HK Chinese persons, aged between 20 and 40, are so inept in simple English conversation. That Lane Crawford person could not even muster a "Sorry, you no speak Cantonese ? I call later."

I've learned to answer calls from unknown or unfamilar numbers with "Hello ?" instead of "Wei ?" If it's a telemarketer, you can almost hear the "stumpedness".

"Err ... solly. You speak Chinese ?"

(Put on Steve Irwin-esque accent) "Nouuu... Aye douunnttt ..."

"Solly, tankyew. Bye bye." *click*

"me-no-mad" said...

Yah man, first I was shocked she called me gweipo and was pissed and the "loud" conversation between the 2 as if i wasnt there (on the line that is)

I so agree with u! But sometimes I wonder if they are just rude rather than not able to speak basic english. That lane crawford, and i mean LANE CRAWFORD staff should be able to at least say "SORRY I CALL BACK LATER".

I so agree with u again! When telemakrting hear me speaking english, they really get stumped! It's like they are like deer with headlight shining on them!

One telemarketing idiot who rattled out for first 30secs wihout paused finally got interrupted by me, even once asked me "Isnt this chinese family?" I said why? and she asked is there anyone who speaks cantonese. I said no. Then she bloody hung up on me!!!! And she called again the next day again and I hung up on her! haaa haaa

At least someone bothered to say thank you by bye. I always get those who just hang up....arrrrggghhh

littlecartnoodles said...

Although many westerners claim not to be offended by the "gweilo/gweipo" label, I still think that they are derogatory and avoid using them.

But sometimes habits just can't change. Once I went to a not-inexpensive restaurant in IFC Mall (name starts with a 'U') for dinner. When the manager instructed a waiter to show us to our table, he said :

"Table 7. Next to the gweilo."

Wouldn't he be mad if he went to a restaurant in the States and the waiter goes, "More bread for the table of Chinks."

WhiteDuskRed said...

Talking about telemarketeers... I once picked up a phone, recognised the tone and just left the phone on the table after like 5-10 seconds. Last I checked, the phone conversation was approximately 5 minutes. I wonder how long that guy spent talking to himself...

I like to think of English as a good defence option against telemarketeers. In fact, I will REALLY listen to those that will bother to explain their products in English although I'm never interested in what they have to say. At least they tried~

"me-no-mad" said...

U are kidding right?!!! Talking on and on for 5 mins? I have had experienced one with over a min but i ran out of patience and I hung up when he refused to let me say anything.

Yeah I also think Gweipo is derogatory term for caucasians, lumped under with words such as nigger and chink. I personally have not used that word at all come to think of it...so i felt stunned when it was used upon me actually. So my mind didnt exactly processed it as an insult immediately. Then again, HK people while may use the term crudely, I dun think they use it as a malicious form of insult. Its just their way of differentiating the ethnic group.

Then again, the term was coined so long ago, where our forefathers prib had more tolerance and less sensitive about words used...

Now adays, there are SOOOOoo many words we cannot use even if it is used without spite but only as a form of "identifying" someone/ something/ some race.

Like Now I cannot use, black, white to describe racial people. Its like, are ALL African Americans really africans because they are not white? So if i see someone who is dark skin, as in really dark... i still cannot say something objectively like he is black. And if he sounds like black, i cannot say he sounds like someone who is black?

sigh.... what a world we like in...