Monday, December 15, 2008

New Japanese Drama: AKAI ITO

This new Japanese drama "Akai Ito" (赤い糸 ) - (Thread of Destiny) (official Jap website), got its first airing on 6th Dec 2008 (sat).

Akai Ito" is one of the best-selling books of last year, is being adapted into a drama series and a film. Like "Koizora," it started out as a mobile phone novel and quickly gained in popularity, pushing it into the top 20 of Tohan's 2007 rankings.

I have finished watching the first episode and quite like it as far. I hope it will be nice sweet romance and wont be too tragic like Koizora....though we already know from first episode that Nishino's mum may have poisoned him via drugs or maybe some accidental drug overdose? Hmmm.. anyway, the male lead is super cute and love his smile!!!!
(Akai Ito Episode 1 summary)

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