Friday, October 30, 2009

J-Drama: Tokyo Dogs Episode 02 Review and Summary

I love this new series. It's hilarious. Hiro and Shun have amazing chemistry and their dialogue is funny and quirky, esp so for Shun's character So. if you have not started on this series, find time to. It's pretty funny to see these 2 guys "bickering" in the middle of their cop work!

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Tokyo Dogs Ep2 Summary

The episode starts with recap from last episode where the kidnapper rather shot himself to death.

The new scene opens with So (Shun Oguri) and Maruo (M. Hiro) staking out and "bickering" at a roof top. Maruo was about to head off with the "compulsory search" at the opposite hotel room, but So complained Maruo is so disorganised without any proper planning. So questioned if they should just barged into the room, what should they do if the people in the hotel room possess firearms? So went on with his argument that the girls will be trapped as hostages and a possible shootout may occur with an (unseasoned) bad guy... Maruo couldnt take it anymore. He grumbled outloud that So should stop with his unceasing preaching as they are "killing" him. Maruo further explained that the "dating" scene differs from the "prostitution" scene in states. So retorted Maruo is so naive and the only reason they are here to investigate was due to sources linking the hotel with the secret organisation, so anything could happen.

Maruo then questioned what has So prepared, in which So whipped out a "can bomb" for the door entrance destroy any burglar alarm! Maruo was horrified at the mention of "bomb". "Are you an idiot?! This is Tokyo here!" and he tried to returned the can back to So. So explained the can is to assure the safety of the girls in the room and take control while everyone is caught by surprise. So started to head off but Maruo ended up dragging him to stop him, declaring he (M) cannot do it. So told Maruo that his indecisiveness and lack of action proves Maruo is not suited
to be a cop.

"Just like earlier when choosing a bento, you had to take sooooo long!" So stated flatly.
"Hey the sweet and sour pork may be good but the gyozai bento also looked good! It is perfectly normal for one to be undecided in such moment!" Maruo quickly retorted back.
"Yeah but you kept on endlessly whining 'It's awlful! It's awlful!' about the gyozai! Hadnt the store auntie recommended the sweet and sour pork right from the start?! The SIGNATURE DISH is the sweet and sour pork afterall!!!" So instantly fired back at Maruo.
"But my stomach exists for gyozai!!" Maruo pleaded in defence.
"There is no such thing as a stomach existing only for gyozai. If u had wished to eat the gyozai sooo much, you could have just ordered a SINGLE SEPARATE ITEM in the set!" So told Maruo off and walked off...

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