Monday, October 26, 2009

Man are just lazy procrastinating creature

The verdict is out.
Man are just lazy procrastinating creature in general, or at least my spouse is.

The storage boxes were delivered on sat. Despite the grand plans and great promises by my husband that he will start the packing (of his stuff) on Sunday before I awoke, the boxes remained untouched when I stumbled out of bed. While he diddled his time away doing nothing and snoozing, I had finished washing and hanging 3 loads of laundry, ironed 2 basketful of clothes and linens, fold away all the bed linens for 2 bedrooms, mop the floor, grocery shopping and cooking lunch and dinner. All these even when I woke up 3 hours after him.

He always tell others that I sleep too much, but he had never considered that I often got WAY MORE things DONE even if I had lesser waking hours than he has put together. What's the point of being awake but not lifting a finger to get things done? I dont get it.

On Sunday nite, again my husband proclaimed loudly he will start packing on Monday. I barely took him seriously. I will believe him when I see it.

He asked me what he should start with. I told him perhaps his clothes. He frowned and said he still needed the clothes. I had to break it down patiently that he can leave his workclothes but need to pack his 2 cupboardful of leisure clothes since we are moving next week, and i wont know what he wants to keep in store, and which he would want to bring with us to the new place. Seeing his pouting face, I offered him the easier option. He can put the books or the cds away into the storage boxes. That is pretty easy since I had everything packed nicely on the shelves by similar shapes and sizes. He was so confident that he will see it done.

When I woke up on Monday today, I am unsurprised that the storage boxes remained untouched. I have no idea what the hell he had been doing the 3 hours while I was still asleep. Absolutely nothing productive, again. While he watched his TV and made my sandwich for lunch, I was done packing ALL the 3 full boxes of cds, as well as 5 full boxes of books, including wiping down the empty shelves, including washing up all the plates and stuff he used to made lunch... I didnt know if I should get fedup when in the middle of packing all the stuff, he had to interrupt my packing because he decided he is feeling well enough to go to the gym. Is this considered over-reliance on me, or some perverse unspoken "compliment" to my efficiency?

Like I said before, marriage good as it is, is some warped fantasy way overhyped...

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