Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Service apartment, the hunt is over..finally!

Finally, the mad rush search of temporary roof over our head is over. After weeks of poking around all the service apartments - big and small in and about HK, we finally settled on the one bedroom we liked most. Now all we need to do is get the contract signed and filed.

Valled and viewed so many service apartments. It's outrageous, the amount that some of these places charge. And some....my god, reality is hell of a difference from the virtual room view. It's not marketing spin, it's blatant lie in your face.

I had looked at some of the place like Pacific Palisades. I have never ben more shocked in my life. It is utterly, completely different from what was advertised. It was a living ruin and not some prestige living as it claimed to be. What you see from the website is not what you will get. The only reason I had been interested at checking out the place was the fact I could relocate my furniture and subscription services over instead of full storage. When I arrived to view 4 different apartment, I was greeted by dilapidated conditions, a funny stench, cracked walls, with some gaping holes, and wooden window frame that looked as if it couldnt bear anotrher typhoon hit. It was a complete disaster!! The girl who showed us around probably had an idea we were gonna take up the offer. If I could rank on a scale of 1 -10, with hell being 1, this place possibly could be a winner for the prize of hell hole, not to mention the hideous and nonrealistic price range they were looking for...

I also had a look at V-serviced apartment at causeway bay2.
In terms of conditions and layout, furnishing, I have to give it props. The rooms were well decorated, kitchen was well thought out with proper fridge and cooking gears. The living room is a little tight combined with the study space. There was a seperate dressing area which also functions as an additional room with the single single sleeping couch. Generally, its a nice room. There was a puny little balcony but I doubt that will get much use since its facing a road and some old temple/ school. I dont quite like the location and I can imagine hearing the endless streaming of cars driving past from dawn to dusk. The air quality wont be exactly idle either. Nonetheless, its a nice setup except it doesnt come with gym and facilities for the rather steep price they are charging. Close to $48k for all these, I simply cannot see where the value of the money has gone to and plus its over my budget anyways. Then again, if u have the cash, and doesnt mind lacking the environment and love the proximity to causeway bay, this will do it for u.

One of the other which we do like as well was Pinnacle Apartment, out at TST. There definitely is no misrepresentation here. The rooms looked exactly as it did in the pixs. Some of the rooms have really great view of the harbor as well. The staff Pinky who showed us around was really efficient and friendly, not to forget pronto. I like dealing with efficient people. The 2 bedrooms with study was great but unfortunately unavailable. The rooms were in good size, ample storage, good bathroom, and the kitchen was also another functional unit. We also checked out the one bedroom with a study, where the study comes with a foldable single bed. It was good but the kitchen was much smaller, that adjoins with the dining space. However, the room efficiency is there, good size and a nice place to be in. For some reason though, my husband decided to pass this one up. prob due to the queen size bed. A pity.

Moving on to smaller establishments, I thought Treasure view Soho was a good gem. It really doesnt look much from the outside but they had refurbished the place last year. It is kinda located in between Soho and LKF but not where the noisy area is. More specifically, its where the escalator is. The rooms are all standard size of 719 but with different layout. I honestly cannot imagine how cram it must be for the 2 bedroom. I saw the one with one bedroom and given the price, location and furnishing, I would say its a relatively fair deal. I didnt like those with low floors because u get a rather dismayal view of the tight grey aging building opposite that feels like someone is up your nose, or u see the hideous mouldy dirty rooftop. Going up higher levels, you get an open space due to the short building, and so the room feels brighter. Again, the kitchen is well equip and as others, the living room comes with lcd tv and dvd etc. the bedroom also has a proper ample storage space for clothes, and also a chest of drawers for other stuff. The dining area is a little small but really, if its just 2 people, its sufficient. It's another place which is doable if I am really desperate.

There are some which I called but were completely full, or some had really bad leasing staff. The one from Marriott was incomprehensively lazy bordering on rude. I had asked if it was possible to get a viewing and she sounded so relunctant. She enquired about my move in date and when I told her its about 5weeks time, she gave me that "dont waste my time" attitude and said to call and check back again in mid oct. Basically 2 weeks before I am moving. How stupid is that? She said it was "pointless to see the rooms since everyroom is different and own by different landlords." With that, she kinda expected that explains everything as to why a viewing appointment is unnecessary and not to encroach further into her time. I strike this

Kush had an interesting unit which is loft style and unfurnished. However, the leasing girl never called me back for a viewing time so I figured screw it. Plus she had told me they are having problems with the tenant blah blah blah. Great, I dont need to listen to you spewing away the negativity of your job and tenant.

Oh well, I'm just glad the hunt has come to an end. Now I have to get cracking on firming the local movers and storage service. Any suggestions?

In the pipeline lies the next chapter on cancellation of my subscription for my PCCW Now TV, Nevigator, and landline. Does anyone know if I can actually suspend the service and not terminate it? I have about 8 months left and hate to think of the penalty fee...

It's funny how PCCW force you to take the 2 year contract. There wasnt any 1 year contract in Hk which i find really strange.

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