Friday, October 2, 2009

Travel log Taipei: Disappointing lunch at Du Xiao Yue

My husband commented I looked positively happy in Taipei, all smiles and happily chatting with anyone from cab driver to people I buy food from. It was only natural I told him, since I get to stuff myself silly with my fav food and best of all, no language barrier. Not to mention the lack of loud mainlanders that will bound to ruin my day....

Even when we were at the Taipei 101 food court, I ended up being "translator" for this Dannish couple who had wanted to buy the "Buddha hand" fruit from the fruit store guy. I couldnt bear the 2 parties trying desperately to communicate to each other plus it didnt cost me anything to help. Well, at the end, I was even more surprised when the fruit stall guy kept thanking me and even gave me 10% discount for my drinks. Didnt see that coming but it was a nice gesture on his part.

Anycase, back to my travel log. On our last afternoon in Taipei, our hotel recommended this "popular" place 度小月。I should know better than to trust recommendations of a top end hotel that housed caucasians tourists...they wont recommend local delights but a more upmarket place that is more "comfortable" for their guests. I suppose overly local place may shock some of their cultured and refined guests.

Initially, I had wanted to also try the pork ribs place anna had suggested but it was kinda far so we had to abort plan since my partner didnt want to travel.

I had wanted to eat 鲁肉饭 while my husband prefered something soupy which was why we ended up in the recommended place since the hotel assured they had both. When we arrive at 度小月, there was a long Q outside. Damn. An alarm should have gone off when I saw the string of foreigners in line for their table. Oh well, too late to change plans.

We waited for about 15mins, before this male staff gruffly yelled for our number and showed us in. he wasnt rude but he sure wasnt exactly pleasant either. If there was anything called hospitality award , this dude sure wont be a winning recipient of it.

The list was simple and easy. I went for my rice while my husband went for 担仔面(danzaimian). We also ordered the fried prawn rolls and another steam prawn patty. While the fried roll came and was yummy but oily.

The steamed meat patty was another matter all together. Firstly, it wasn event a patty as I had imagined. It was just like a huge lump of meat wrapped in a thick dumpling flour dough. In fact, the more accurate hokkien description would be “水kueh”. Frankly I thought the dish was rather plain, unappetising and bordering awlful. The 鲁肉饭 was also raher bland and bordering on too much salt without any sweetness. Apparently, the one I had in the night market with my mum back in April was SOOOOooooo much better. Who said all 鲁肉饭 are the same? Rubbish. This one had all the fatty bits in it that made it rather gross. My husband's soup noodle fared better but to me frankly, this place isnt worth the time, effort nor recommendation. What made it worse was that I had to wait for 30mins for my 2nd serving of prawn fritters, despite 3 reminders and lessening of guests. What the hell?!
I shall be frank. This place reeeks as a tourist establishment aimed to "con" tourists who doesnt know better as to where to go and find food, or lack of better ideas. I cannot believed I got suckered into this place by my hotel even after telling them I prefer local favourites and hangout. This is obviously NOT a place to go to if you want really authentic good cheap local food. What an utter disappointment.

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