Friday, October 30, 2009

Another offhand rambling

I thought I would peel from my mild sunburnt, however I as surprised that it didnt. I dont know if credit should go to all my facial moisturiser that I had faithfully apply day and night since I had been back. I ran out of body lotion and I figure those face hydrating lotion "investments" better prove themselves now with my arms as testing bed! Verdict, they work! In fact better than body cream I think. Those intentive hydrating mask prob penetrate deeper.

There was a little small spot of itchiness and a thin layer of peeling. However, it only lasted for a day and it was gone. My arms are back to normal, except it's super dark...With all the plastering of lotion, the sunburnt part actually felt so much softer than the other tanned parts that I didnt apply the lotion to. My husband is soo envious at my "speedy recovery"..heh heh.

3 week of absence from pilates is terrible. I had a hard time this week getting back into pace and strength. The good thing about consistent pilates, I love how my upper abs feel. On good (slim) days where I didnt stuff myself silly, there is a faint ab line on the torso. The moment to die for. haaa haa. Still, dont think I will ever be as thin as I was before...damn... I miss those skinny days.

Had lunch with one of my Jap classmate. She was sharing about her mother-in-law horror stories. Scary. It is moments like this I will thank my lucky stars for having such sweet in laws who relatively dote on me. Maybe living apart with us in asia and them back in Australia also helped... Back to my friend, her Japanese in laws are dominating and interferingly scary. If she is my in law, I wont know if she will die from being frustrations with me first, or me dying from such ostentious control freak. Who on earth with common sense buys HK$10k worth of bedlinens??? A HK$80k armchair is also such a stretch.

Yeah the parents are I dont know if its the wealth that made them obnoxious, or are all Japanese mother in law that scary and hard to get along? I was sharing with my friend that I have known of mothers who were utter snob and meanie. They had this view that she is so rich that people has to listen to her. Biatch.

Alright 4am. time to rest my eyes. More packing to do tomorrow...time flies...

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