Monday, October 26, 2009

The rush for luggages...

At the airport, people who loves to stick themsevles closely to the sides of the luggage conveyor belt annoys me. I never understood this "eagerness" to monopolise and minimise the gap between one self and the side of the moving belt. So what if you spot your bag like 10steps away. Will waiting for that extra 30secs kill you? So instead of leaving a good margin away from the belt, to ensure everyone can see from a distance on the approaching luaggaes, everyone loves to crowd so closely that they have to constantly bob their heads up and down, competing with the people before them to strain their neck, squint their eyes, just for the hope to "beat" the rest for their belonging. How stupid.

Everytime I leave a gap between myself and the conveyor belt, some jackass idiot will always squeeze him or herself before me. It doesnt matter if the gap isnt large enough to house that bumbling idiot, there will always be that annoymous person who just feel oblige to get into the rat race and yet, my bags will almost quite always, arrive BEFORE those idiots. So each time, I will have to unceremoniously shove them aside and doesnt give a shit if i knock their shin, shoulder or whatever body parts as i lift my heavy luggage out of the moving belt. To me, if they are too supid to make way, then the fault is not mine.

The next annoying bunch of human species are young children near conveyor belt. They are like some over excited dogs or monkeys who again relish in the joy of hovering dangerously near the moving belt. They yelp like crazy dogs on a frenzy rabbit chase when they see the luggages but yet are too pathetically small and weak to actually be useful enough to lift the bags. So what they do is something competely impractical, like holding on to the luggage handle and run alongside with it, while screaming for their parents.

Why do parents let them become such public nusiance is beyond me, not to mention dangerous. They can easily trip and fall, not to mention hinder other passengers from getting their bags for fear of hitting these underage children. I lack a better word to describe what I think of such careless parenting. Trust me, its not something positive I would use to describe.

The other day while waiting for my bag, again, this HK family had 3 monkeys in toll. Age 12 and below and all boys. They get so excited as if there was some prize to gain if spot their parents bag. As well, their parent belong to the category of "I must stick closely to the belt" population. As the mum busied away chatting on her mobile, her kids were annoying me visually with their prodding and poking at everybag. It shouldnt annoy me but somehow such uncontrolled behaviour just put me off. I told my husband then that I wish these boys will be taught a lesson like getting their hands hit by some bags, such that they will learn that airport conveyor belt is not a playground and will back off and let the adults do the work. Just as I finished saying that, one of the boys had his hand squashed between a bulky luggage and the metal piece. I saw the "ouch" look on his face, and his mum didnt even notice. I probably come off sounding mean, but at that moment i didnt feel sorry at all for him. Sorry, no sympathies for stupid beings. Instead I laughed heartily. Evil probably but he deserved it in my perspective. Some children need to learn the painful way before they will learn. It wasnt serious accident but I know it prob hurts having his skin pinched... I laughed even more when I saw him backing off the conveyor belt by good 3 steps but not explaining to his elder brother why. He didnt looks so eager now. Not so tough eh little boy .

When his parents bags arrived, they stuck their hands on the bag and ran along with it. Of course they didnt have the strength to actually lift the bag. So they annoyed everyone else.

Seriously, why would parents not tell their kids to wait one side? Why wouldnt airport advise parents not to have kids hovering near the belt? When accidents do happen, it would be precisely these stupid folks that would kick up a stinker when they should be watching their little monkeys in the first place. Are the children being stupid here or the adults indulgently stupid here? I honestly cant decide who I should cast a vote for.


littlecartnoodles said...

Tell me about it ... The same low-lifes that stand right next to the conveyor belt are probably also the same ones who take a queue number outside a restaurant and then wait right next to the receptionist, as if their presence and "aura" would somehow shorten the waiting time.

Nomad said...

OMG!!! U hit spot on with another gripe of mine! I know exactly what u mean!! They would also congregate exactly at the only way in/out spot, inconveniently blocking all other patrons without a care.

People are especially obnoxious at chinese restaurants. I normally have to YELL "excuse me" into their ear before they will begrudgingly make way, as if moving an inch for others will put them 3 places behind the Q number. It's just sooo annoying!!!