Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Went to Admiralty United center Transport department this morning to collect my local drving license and international license since I couldnt sleep.

I didnt quite grasp why there was a crowd of people with heavy duty videos and professional cameras crowding around one level below. They looked like they meant business and everyone looked grim. The atmosphere was kinda solemn and I was wondering what happened. As I walked down the escalators, I was even more surprised at the sight of large group of policement that greeted me. I really started to wonder about the occasion. Just before the escalator hits the ground floor, I happened to turn to my left and looked at the directory. Then it hit me. The Hong Thai agency/ office was located in this building...I am pretty sure the travel agency has received much unwanted media attention for 11hours straight yesterday from the tragic incident.

If only the Philippine officers were more on the ball like the Hong Kong law enforcers, I think the outcome of last night might have be rewritten very differently.

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