Saturday, January 14, 2012

Travel Log: Admiring the sights in Athens, Part 1

Abit belated but just realised that I hadnt posted my Greece leg of my previous trip yet.

Athen apart from her historical rich cultural artifact grounds, really isnt a fantastic place. Lots of "over pricing" in euro and service wasnt up to par. Then again no offense, western countries are not really known for the sort of service Asians are used to in our part of the globe.

Generally, I did enjoy my historical day trip in Athen, visiting and taking in all the sights and history. Considering that I had always wanted to visit this place but never got the chance to previously. Many years ago when I was still back in secondary school, there was this European Art History trip that was offered to the class and I was the only one out of 30 students who couldnt go because the fking "father figure" of mine was too busy saving his spare cash for the whore & bastard kids he was keeping on the side and told me he had none to spare for my educational trip. So no thanks to the old bastard, with soil and sand firmly stuck to the bottom of my hiking boots, I am pleased to be finally here.

The crown is expectantly large, with huge amount from the bloody loud noisy annoying China crowd who has no concept of civil manners such as wait in line or talk audibly but not offensively loud. These China people are everywhere, really cannot stop seeing them and the worst, is that westerners cannot tell us apart. So that means if one China dick head pisses some local off, the rest of us bears the brunt of the ill treatment towards "Chinese" race.

That aside, there are plenty of western wankers too, who simply lost their ability to read English signs that says "DO NOT CLIMB" or "NO STANDING ALLOWED ON WALLS". So every few minutes, you will hear loud piercing whistling from the security and harsh yelling, trying to stop these idiots from falling to their death just for the sake of a moronic "unique" photo. Honestly, if they are too stupid to behave decently, the world might be better off without them esp the repeat offenders.

Life thrives in the midst of dust and stones.

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