Saturday, January 14, 2012

Travel Log: Santorini, OIA. Pictures Part 1

There were 2 days we made separate trips and took the local bus to Oia, in the hope of catching nice sunset over the whitewash city. Luck wasnt much with us, we had dark looming dark rain clouds most of the way though we did get spurts of beautiful orange sunset while waiting, and also, we too caught some rainbow during the bus journey. 

Overlooking the city

The infamous blue cap dome shaped churches.

I am a dog magnet, regardless where. These 2 dogs were just strolling about and just decided to plonk themselves comfortably right at the bottom of my feet from all the people next to me. I looked NOTHING like the owner for sure.
They must like my scent...or something.

Love the color contrast

Beautiful sunset

Color play. Mother nature in good mood.

Map of the local bus. It was business as usual in the midst of all the strikes.

Another Cousin IT look alike...

We had a few meals at "The MaMa's" and it was a truly authentic and delicious food serving joint.
The Greek owner reminded me more of an Italian mother, and I loved her T-shirt that says
"Mama Loves to Feed her Children" 

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