Saturday, January 14, 2012

Travel Log: Off to Santorini, Greece. Our Petit Palace hotel

Took a couple of days off to Santorini. Lovely islands. It was kinda rainy when we were there and so we didnt get much good sunset views. Still, lovely views are lovely views and rain dint put a damper to the good spirits.

We took a local plane to the island instead of the ferry because of the strike going on and I didnt want to risk ruining my hols because someone else decided to protest for a lost cause...

The aerial view was really pretty and got me really excited. We flew across all the various islands and being a nature lover, I thought it was a magnificent view with the various shapes and fluffy white clouds and deep blue sea.

We stayed at Petit Palace which had a beautiful seafront view. I can understand why this is a "romantic getaway" for the honeymooners but it's not my kind of honeymoon. Unless one wants to fk like rabbits for days, it can get pretty boring with nothing but expansive ocean before u. Sure you can do island hopping but I dont think they differ much.

Our hotel view and the chilly pool

Our room. Our private balcony

View from room

The freaking long flight of stairs up and down to our rooms. There are no pots or kettles in the room so everytime we wanted tea, someone has to walk down to serve us. Kinda wasting human resources I will say...

Our sunning deck chair and balcony space

I would love to have breakfast here but it was pissing every morning so this was the only sunny  afternoon shot

I actually did swim in this cold pool. I just needed something to kick start my day...

Our very unique looking neighboring hotel with a chapel for marrying couples.

The room was nice and spacious. Love the bathroom. Wished the room wasnt so sandy and dusty though, regardless how many times I wipe it.

The rather spacious bathroom

Lovely bedroom with a useless decorative strings "blind" which neither kept the dust nor light out

Living room area

My good old friend -The Santorini Tomato ball

Our welcoming sweet wine

Seriously hotel people, 2.50euro for a can of coke? Might as well go rob a bank while you are at it.

Despite all the minor gripes, that said, I did enjoy myself and the food here in Santorini island is surprisingly many folds better than mainland, at least comparing to Athens. I love the Tomato balls. They had a few minor variations but at the end of the day, they all tasted yummilicious. Couldnt pass up on one.

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