Sunday, January 15, 2012

Travel Log: Santorini, OIA Sunset views. Part 3

As I mentioned, it was rainy week the time we were in Santorini. One of the nights we were in OIA, it was pissing down thunderstorm, so much so that the streets were transformed to mini streams and made walking impossible.

The little gal and doggie was such a endearing sight. She was waiting for her mummy and decided to make herself comfortable patting another owner's doggie. Kids, sometimes u adore them and sometimes makes u wanna strangle them This moment, she was sweet like an angel.

Love the "fork and spoon" depiction. A true definition of cooked food.

The rain never let up....
 It was wet and gloomy but luckily for me, I spotted this yummy looking basement dessert store and had the most delightful choc cake in there with a very chatty waiter. I cannot rem where he was from but I rem him telling me he loves rain because he grew up in a desert like area.

ahhhh...the lovely Mascarpone choc cake

When cold and hungry, everything looked really tempting...

The sunset was beautiful. I could not stop clicking on my shutter. We were there for about 15mins and it was amazing to see the beautiful rays flirting with us as the clouds come and go. All the photos are taken with my good old canon S95 and the colours are "as are", non photoshop. I think my camera did a fantastic job in capturing the brillance...

8-10 Oct 2010, Santorini, Oia

Gorgeous orangey glow

Red, orange blue and white...lovely combination

When one waits patiently long enough, one will be rewarded with richness of nature's gold.

Admiring the fleeting rays bursting through the mutilayers of clouds. 

People sat there quietly, enthralled by nature's simple beauty.
What wondrous marvelous view that binded every stranger together in awe and delight.

After early dinner, we realised the rain had stopped and the sunset was out. We ran as fast as our legs could carry us to the windmill spot but only caught a glimpse of the sunset before we could whip our cameras out in time.

Roofttop view

The famous Oia Windmill backdrop scene

A full moon night, in the spitting rain

A serene chilly night

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