Sunday, January 15, 2012

Travel Log: Santorini, Greece. Pictures from Fira town.

Our hotel Le Petit Palace is located in the town of Fira.

Fira is a relatively small and uninteresting town. Oia is definitely prettier than Fira but since we wanted a good hotel, we stuck to Fira.

There is a free shuttle bus that runs from the hotel to the town itself but the hours are like every 2 hours if I rem correctly. It isnt convenient but u can grab a cab to town which is a short 10mins drive but it aint cheap. Nothing in Greece is cheap. It makes me wonder if the Greek are good in Maths, and understand that 1Euro is NOT the same as US$1. (Well before the collapse of euro dollars anyway)

Everything is so pricey that it made me wonder if what they did when Greece did a conversion to Euro, was to simply change the currency sign rather than do a equivalent currency conversion of the good prices. I have seen the ugliest sandals which is something only grannies would wear, selling at 45euro per pair. Something that I could easily get for perhaps HK50 or Sg$10 or US$7. So u get the drift of why my eyes were popping out, and why I am not shock at the enormous debt Greece dug themselves into.

A church mosaic mural

I couldnt tell if the little boy was banging his head in disgust, or playing hide and seek, or simply resting his head...

Who on earth will buy useless things like these?

Blue was definitely the main theme

Kapari was one of the recommended dining joint. Causal, unpretentious good Greek food.
Better than average with a very laid back boss...

Interior of Kapari restaurant

A free shot. It was too potent for my liking. I really like the little stone they use to pin the bill, or for the notes down.
View from our Room Balcony. Fira, Oct 2010

There is something about the large columinbus clouds that I found extremely alluring

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