Sunday, January 15, 2012

A polite way of getting people to move out...

Was shopping at Times Square yesterday. Not the best move since Causeway bay is often the most crowded on weekend.

We were on the 9th topmost floor heading down to the ground floor. When the elevator reached the ground floor, all those non-Hong Kong people crowding at the door didnt budge. There was a HK chap stuck in the middle who obviously was pressed for time and looked fustrated. Seeing that those blur mainlanders still standing there unmoving, he did an announcement in cantonese "到了,各位!(We have arrived everyone.)" That got everyone moving in a flash and frenzy as if they were activated by a single command.

I started to laugh when he did the loud polite announcement...coz from his tone, it sounded perfectly as
"We have arrived, you fucklings."

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