Sunday, June 10, 2012

First nite out at Sentosa Board walk

Went back for 2 weeks and unfortunately fell pretty much sick on the last week. That was a bummer since I had to cancel quite a few appointments I had been looking forward to. The heat in Singapore wasnt as bad as my friends had scared me. Apparently it cooled down a little the day I touched down. Amen.

Went to Sentosa Board walk.
First time ever since the thing had been built for ages.
My fren proposed chillout drinks at Wine Company there and we saw the fireworks that was set off just when we arrived. The place was full for the airconditioned seats so we took the outdoor table. wasnt too bad that nite thankfully. They could do with external fans though...

How much the place had changed! I couldnt recognise it. Actually, it is NOTHING like I had remembered. How much the landscape has changed. What used to be just a simple linking bridge for vehicle and pedestrian surrounded by open-ness is now a designed walkway....

 It was a warm nite but a simple drink, food, friends conclude a pleasant nite

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