Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 2013 Hair updates: I cut my hair!!!

After years and years and years of long hair, I decided to cut it off finally!!!

I brought my mum along as well since she too needed a trim. As she was there and I didnt want to keep her waiting for me to finish the perm, I have only completed "Part One" of the haircut, which is to cut. I will leave the Part Two- perming another time:)

It was quite uncanny that the minute I sat down, and Ito san asked me what I wanted for today, he started laughing when I said cut it short. He said when I entered the salon, the first thought that flashed across his head was also to suggest having me cut my hair!! So he was both happy and surprised when I suggested it. Talk about synchronised thoughts!!! In fact, he suggested just above shoulder length but I told him shorter.

While I was still talking in the middle of my sentence, Ito san took his scissors and chopped it off and showed me my "hair remains" in a bunch in his hand. My first reaction was "You are so fast!" The other staff laughed because he exclaimed "I havent even have the chance to put the towel and cover over you yet!" We all started laughing. It was quite funny thinking about it. Practically no chance to change my mind, not that I will since I wont suggest it otherwise.

So ....Sayonara my lovely long hair...

Though I didnt have time to perm, I still went ahead to have my hair coloured a lighter shade of brown than my previous. So Beedy and Mandy did my colouring as usual.

After the hair treatment, Beedy continued with the scalp massage and patiently taught me  how to blow dry my short hair so that it wont "hew hei" (in cantonese) - meaning curl outwards like omega sign. The trick is to blow it towards my chin.

 After the hair is blown dry, Ito san did another round of check and trimming

The final hair style in Part One stage. Will update again when I finish Part Two stage with the perm.
I am enjoying my short hair tremendously!! It's like weight lifted off my head!

The funniest joke was that I didnt tell anyone I cut my hair and when I attended my brother's wedding, my blur mum didnt even recognise me (I was wearing my shades). She was shocked but she actually liked it very much. My cousins and all complimented on it, saying it made me looked younger...floating. Ok...they are prob being polite...hahaha.

My man said "It feels like I have a new chick" Lol!

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