Sunday, May 26, 2013

Moulds? Citro Shield Disinfectant recommended!

I dont know how it happened but after living here for almost 3 years in my place, I experienced the first attack of mega Mould attacks on my wall, no thanks to the horrid dampness and terrible humidity in HK.

It didnt happened while I was at home, since there was adequate ventilation I supposed. Those bastards attacked while I was away for a week attending some sorry-arse-waste-of-time "look at me I am so skinny and beautiful Queen Bitch" wedding in SG few weeks back.

As if the expensive trip back wasnt bad and the wedding wasnt nauseating enough, I have to return home to discover the invasion of the fungi....making themselves at home all over the study and guest bedroom walls. Fuck. Though i must be thankful they had only attacked the walls and left my leather goods and clothes alone. Amen.

The worst was areas behind the door and behind the bookshelves...these offenders are dark black and almost furry bastards.

My man was off on his business trip and so it was all left to me to wipe those bastards off the wall.

This is when this product comes highly recommended. I had used this in my master room months back and the wall remained clear of mould in this recent invasion. So I supposed it worked well even though I havent dehumify my master room ever since the wipe down.

I only had to resort to diluted bleach in study when I finished the bottle for just one room.
I could have used vinegar and soda mix, but firstly I was low in vinegar and secondly, these moulds frankly looked too nasty and if I am gonna waste so much time cleaning it, I rather get them right the first time and not leave it to chance for a possible second wipe down if not done right.

So far, I can only find this product in 360 supermart.
I use to get them at Central 360 but they closed and only left at Elements Mall.

It's a pain to get to Elements but I guess I dont have a choice now that I am out.
Maybe I should write to City super and get them to consider stocking this over some other crap they have on shelves.

If you live in HK, you should keep this handy.
Not only is it effective on wall moulds, I used it in toilet once in a while for those sprouting moulds in the grots. Its effective but doesnt sting your skin, nor does it destroy your wall paint.

I had tried Mr Muscle Mould fighter (the orange bottle) for the toilet and while it works, it was horrid on my wall (not to mention my skin and lungs with the stench) . It was too strong and destroy my grot and it cracked. I wont buy Mr Muscle anymore by a long stretch.

Plus, handy in kitchen for wiping down countertop and supposedly child friendly. So with all the bitey habits of kids, you might want to spray over common areas your kid lay his or her palm over.

This Australian product is odourless, doesnt sting your eyes when the spray mist is in the air.
I would highly recommend this.

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Ravi Narain said...

Hey thanks for your comments, I was just sent your blog about my CitroShield Disinfectant and your use of it against mould. Well done and many thanks.
Ravi Narain
Inventor of CitroShield Disinfectant.