Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beauty Talk: The gentlemen Tonics Shampoo and Aftershave Product Review

I came upon this brand "Gentlemen's Tonic" (web link) while roaming Central Landmark during last Xmas shopping for gifts. I thought the shower gel smell lovely for a guy without being overpoweringly musky.

My guy fren loved the shower gel so I thought I would try out the shampoo and aftershave moisture for my man. I would have bought the traditional shaving whip cream (based on an internet review that it was very good) instead except they had ran out of stock. So I thought what the hell, since I'm already here, might as well give the other range a go.

It's very hard to get a product review from my man. He only has "I like it" or "I dont like it" feedback.

For shampoo, he would normally give a bit more info like "it doesnt lather (well)", "It isnt squeaky clean" when he "stole" some of mine when his ran out.

This time round, his verdict was "It's clean. It smells pleasant. It lathers well enough."
I guess that's all you are gonna yank out of a man who isnt "all expressive and descriptive" about the products he use.

So I thought, what the hell, I'm gonna use it.

While it prob works nicely on a man's short hair, it was a bit of a no good for woman.
It really tangle up my hair and frankly, drying. Which I take it for my man to mean squeaky clean. It does smell nice and not overly powering.

For the Aftershave Cream, it's ok. Nothing to crow about. In fact, my man prefers the Molton Brown product which he found to be lighter and absorb better into his skin. The aftermath is also a much smoother skin surface without the irritation. Personally, I too prefer the fragrance of the Molton Brown After shave hydration emulsion. HOWEVER, the downside of the Molton Brown product is also its packaging, being that its in a GLASS bottle that makes it travel unfriendly. The first bottle my man had only lasted a week because he accidentally dropped it and well, needless to say, my floor got a face load of expensive moisturising that day...So the molton brown gal was also needless to say happy to see me back so soon then.

Ultra Light Bai Ji Hydrator 

Going back to Gentlemen's Tonic products, there is ONE MAJOR FLAW. It's the design of the bottle. The square and hard bottle makes it extremely hard to pour or squeeze anything out. So it gets abit frustrating. Hence, my man hates to use the aftershave in the morning since as he said "Dont have whole day to muck around with the stupid bottle" So you get the drift.

The verdict, I prob wont buy it again unless they improve the product design. For shampoo I could still transfer to another empty bottle but for face creams, its tough.

Prob last resort gift for your man or guy frens as a gift, but for shampoo, def not something u should think of using, not even for emergency unless u really dont mind a mop of dry straw looking head.

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