Monday, May 13, 2013

Huge praise to Hainanese Chicken Rice store At Far East Plaza, Singapore.

Wonderful experience today!! 

Took mum and dad to the Hainanese Chicken Rice for lunch at Far East Plaza today. There was a long line and at least 3-4 groups of people before us. I grabbed some spare chairs and had my in laws sat down & wait by the side while I Q. In under 5 mins, the chicken rice stall guy approached our parents, found out they were with me, and immediately sought the consent of the young people before us to serve us first because they didnt want old folks (our parents) to wait so long. This is TRUE service.

I was pleasantly surprised and thanked all the people before us for being nice enough to let us go ahead. Throughout the service, they happily spoke to us in Cantonese and constantly checked on our parents if they are ok. They werent pushy too and told us to order extra later only if the portions really wasnt enough. This is one place that hits the right spots all the way from food to service. 

Thank you!

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