Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beauty Talk: Aveda Damage Remedy

Before I had my hair sniped off, I thought I would give Aveda Dry Damage Remedy Hair shampoo and conditioner series a try. Just to give my hair some "variety" in treatment since they say product loses its effectiveness if used over prolong period.

Quite frankly, it didnt do squat for my hair. My hair remains dry and not significantly better. When my hair was dry, still plenty of flyaway. The conditioner did detangle during application but I wont say my hair is any softer or more manageable. The scent wasnt all that fantastic either. I had to go back to saloon grade hair mask to save my hair. (Something I bought from Hairdo a long time ago)

The shampoo itself also wasnt very good. Not sure why but it often ends up giving me mild dandruff after a week of use. This despite that I would use a dryer to blow dry my hair by 50% before allowing it to dry naturally for the rest.

For this price and the effect, I honestly wont be tempted to buy it again.

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