Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beauty Talk: Muji Verbena Body Soap Review

I have been looking for a body shower gel that isnt too drying on my skin for some time now. Have tried many different organic "natural" based product but hasnt been completely satisfied.

However, by chance, I think I may finally have found the one I like though I;m not sure if I am speaking too soon since it has only been 2 weeks into use.

I have discovered belatedly, Muji Shower and Hair care Series.
Starting with the shower gel. There is only one option in HK Muji which is the Verbena Body Soap. Made from Okinawa grown Verbena, the product claimed to be made with natural products, and with a hint of Freesia scent. On the back, short of translating word for word, it is SLS free, colouring free, as well free of industrial mineral oil traces.

During use, the first thing you notice is that without SLS, the product is clean but without the harsh foaming action that dries your skin. The scent is very light and pleasant that doesnt send you head into a spin or become sickly. In fact, I like the fact that the scent doesnt linger on my skin except its only there when you are soaping.

After wash, your skin is as what the back claimed, feels fresh and clean. My body doesnt feel tight like a wrapped bun in desperate need of a body lotion.

Personally, I like this and I think it should be a great hit amongst ladies.
I would def recommend this product.

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