Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Suffering from internet withdrawal...

It was painful having withdrawal symptoms from lack of internet for a week.

You see, stupid Sydney Big Pond doesnt have unlimited cable internet access. How BACKWARD and money driven can this country be? I roll my eyes everytime i say this. Take a leaf from Asia people... Korea people will be laughing their socks off at the pathetic internet infra here!

We are on 60Gb plan for $135 and I had exceeded the quota one week before the cycle ended. And the penalty is $0.15cents for each excess Mb. I have grossly exceeded by 6% of the 60GB and my husband is having a heart attack and being speechless currently while I sheepishly slink away from internet for the week. Yeah, do the math at the excess he had to pay.

I had to do my rare infamous line.... "but but... its a small price to keep me happy right....?" along with my cheeky grin. My husband said :BIG PRICE darling, happy to pay but its a freaking BIG PRICE!"... I quickly retired to the room and start my "internet withdrawal therapy" with my korean dvd....

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