Monday, March 31, 2008

Kata Tjuta and Walpa Gorge, Uluru Sunset

The bus took us next to Kata Tjuta Dune Viewing Area, which offers a magnificent panoramic view of Kata Tjuta. Even on the way there, the views of the 36 domes were amazing!

Afterwhich, it was another hour walk for the 2.6km of Walpa Gorge. Formerly known as Olga Gorge, Walpa (meaning windy) Gorge is a desert refuge for plants and animals. The rocky track gently rises along a moisture rich gully, passing inconspicuous rare plants and ending at a grove of flourishing spearwood.

The walk sounded easy but it isnt exactly. You could easily see those really unfit people struggling...Some didnt even wear proper walking shoes... how silly.

The ground was slopping at some part and most of all, the hot sun is shining on your back can make it quite unbearable at 3pm and the air is very dry, making it hard to breathe as one sped up the lookout point. The wind at times blows pretty hard and so u need to really pace yourself. I was too focused on my walk up to take much pictures till the final point. Coming down was better and luckily i had my shades to shield me from the glaring sun... I was glad i slap on tons of sunscreen before i started....

After a super packed day of non stop walking and climbing, it was time for us to have another sunset view of Uluru tonight. I can finally rest my feet to view the sunset after 12 hours!

Sunset sequence taken every 10mins or so.

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