Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cutting MY "Q" is NOT acceptable

I "scared" someone "shitless" today in Citysuper - so I was told.

The scene starts with us being @ Citysuper in Times, wanting to grab some lamb rack for dinner. The crowd before the meat display wasnt crowded and so we were the only ones to stand in front of the lamb section.

What is important to emphasize here is my relative distance from the display glass. I wasnt sticking my body onto the glass because I didnt want to obsure other potential customers from viewing the meat labels, but maybe I was about one step back so that I wasnt too far off to try to grab some staff's attention to serve me.

Just seconds into our arrival, while I was still looking at the meat display, this Chinese woman, shorter than me by half a head came from my left. Initially she bent, moved her upper body forward and inched before mine without a word, with her feet still planted on ground to the left of me. Thinking she wanted to have a better view of the meat label, I didnt pay much attention since I was sure she had enough room to stick her head before me. What I didnt anticipate was that she decided to step forward (and onto the toes of my boots), and MOVED HER WHOLE BODY RIGHT BEFORE MINE, so that her body was literally plastered all over the display counter.

I wasnt seething with anger but I was truly annoyed/ miffed, and BOY when i am annoyed by bad manners, I am truly unapologetic to be forthright about it. Mainly because it wasnt even crowded to warrant that behaviour on her part and I was there first! She shouldnt abuse my consideration not to block the meat display, using it as a mean for her to get before me, pushing me out of her way.

So the minute she made herself comfortable, with her back right in my face and body literally, not to mention callously placing her order BEFORE ME, my words just spilled out of my mouth (in an what I considered was an even tone ) "You Juuuuuuussssst have to stand RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, dont you?" (yeah, i really dragged out the word "just" for emphasis of her "crime"). I wasnt yelling but it was loud enough for the intended audience.

When the woman heard me, she turned around as if seeing me for the FIRST time (like I was never there, liked my boot was some comfort floor rug). I gave her an icy look before looking past her and onto the meat. What happened next was alittle unexpected. She practically JUMPED OUT OF MY WAY and kept apologising profusely. I gave her a lame weak smile in return, before placing my order and ignoring her for the rest of the time. I mean what else do u expect me to say? I didnt feel like saying it was ok since it was not by my book.

Sensing she wasnt going to get a warm gushing smile from me, she scurried off to the other end of the meat display, steering well clear of my way like you would of a walking timebomb.

After she was gone, my partner started to chuckle saying "I almost felt sorry for her. I'm just glad I wasnt your target." However he agreed that if the woman had been in Australia, she would garner much worse verbal tell off, in a much louder voice that aims to embarrass. In their sober moments, Australians generally do not TOLERATE QUIELTY bad/ inconsiderate or offending behavior.

It was a little unfortunate that the woman caught the full brunt of my acidity, so much so that she panicked like a rabbit after I delivered my "loathing" sentiment across. Apparently, he said my abomination of her behaviour was delivered in such supremely sub-zero icy tone, dripping each word with acid-load of sacarsm that is almost deadright cutting.

Till this moment, I honestly didnt think I was mean or overboard. I wasnt screaming at her or being impolite. No no... one must still be civilised even if we are unhappy.

The good thing is, she did apologise profusely and that is RARE. Perhaps I should have given her a warmer smile, than the lofty one she received. My bad. Then again, I wasnt expecting a reaction. So my disdain just kicked in on its own. If u are in Hk, you would know half the time, these offenders normally just pretend that they didnt hear a thing.

Anycase, it was a good laugh for me.


Jo said...

I used to 'swallow' it when other cut my 'Q' but after I turned 30 yrs old, I basically 'bite' whoever dares to cut my Q.

There was once, my friend and I were queuing up to pay for our bill at a restaurant and a teenage girl came in and cut our Q to order take away. My friend and I basically started 唱衰 her loudly at her back... "現在的小孩子真沒禮貌, 好像吃玻璃長大, 透明的… 隨便 jump Q..." till she felt really 'pai seh' and ran away... haha.

However it depends, if my mood is good, I'll be 'chin chai' a bit as who knows, may be sometimes I have also cut Q without realizing... who knows.

"me-no-mad" said...

haaa haaaaaa! "Bite"...haaaaa haaa
but i know exactly what u mean, I just to just get fed up and not say anything, but now I will "retaliate"...

WAH!! Your kungfu very good and power! She actualy ran away!!! some actually will purposely stand and stare at you making u more bang!!!