Monday, January 26, 2009

hello from Niseko

Here I am, surrounded by tons and tons of fresh white snow in Niseko....
Had 2 full days of ski now and it was an absolute blast!!!! Life couldnt be better!!!!!!

The temp went down to minus 10degrees and while skiing, fresh snow just falls every half hour of so, so the ground is piled with powder snow that is absolutely the best ideal condition. Surprisingly, I did rem how to ski despite havent done it since 5 years ago. I guess its kinda like bicycle riding.... I still have problem controlling my speed but at least I havent fallen once in the easy slope. 

Was ambitious and tried the intermediate ski slope today and went had a few tumbles coz i couldnt break fast enough. My ankle is alittle sore and I hope I didnt twist it...otherwise I will be in a fix for the next 4 days.... my arms are aching a little by otherwise, my body is coping well. My face turned really red and looks abit funny under white light now because its seemed puffy. strange and hope it goes down soon.... I had a Japanese ski sensei for 2 hours today and he doesnt speak a word of english ... neither does the person at my I had to squeeze every single brain cell to survive and well..thankfully coping alright though it takes me ages to form a sentence. Talk about being thrown into deep end of the pool.... if I stay any longer, my japanese will get better I am sure, even though the Japanese people said my language skills is good/ understandable, i think they are just being polite! 

The food here is average. Not cheap but at least it is still tasty. Tomorrow am going to try night skiing. Hopefully my ankle holds up!

well that;s all for now. bye bye from niseko annupuri! 

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