Friday, January 2, 2009

Visit to Po Lin - Giant Buddha

We headed to PoLin Monastery to take the cable car and visit the Giant Buddha. We bought the return trip with the package of visiting the monkey show and all. (If u have no kids, I wont suggest you take up the all inclusive, just take the cable will be fine.)
The cable car was pretty spacious but because it was such a cold day, the cold air gushing through the cabin air vents was freezing our butt off at the high altitude.... ghhheees! On our way there, we had the cabin to ourselves as there were 5 of us. Lucky!

I should try to rem not to head there after 12pm next time, or the giant buddha would be too dark to photograph from the front due to the angle of the sun.

Anycase, what was really amusing and shows what a bad parent I would be potentially. My little nephew was holding my hand the whole day. We were just walking and walking and the little one never gave made a noise or fuss that he was tired or anything. He just obediently and trustingly held my hand and march on.

Halfway walking, my sister in law asked me if my nephew was asleep. I replied confidently "nah" because he was still gripping my hands and walking on. Just then we passed these 2 mammals ( i dont think they are call cow, just dunno their name) and so i knelt down to get my nephew "in position" to snap a shot of him with the 4-legged friends. To my "horror", my nephew was actually "sleepwalking" all these while and he looked groggy as i called him. I am such a lousy and sheepish aunt. Sigh, only a mum would have the maternal instinct to know her brood well.

I am mighty impressed at how he is such a good boy really. Most kids would have kick up a stinker if they were exhausted but my little nephew just kept quiet and walked on without a word of complaint to me. He would be happy to accept any carrying but he would not demand or request for one.

After the shot, we decided to carry him and he slept through soundly even though the 25mins cable ride was freaking cold, and we were stuck with this old china woman with his china daughter and 2 granddaughters. They just WONT SHUT UP. It's like they were mute their whole life and they felt compelled to TALK AND TALK AND TALK at loud voices, with absolute NO consideration for others in the same small space. Esp that grandma, she just cannot keep quiet even for a min.

I rolled my eyes when she kept pointing to the sunset to her granddaughter and said "Shining. Shining." Her daughter corrected her and said "Sun." I refrained from laughing. I think what they wanted to say was "SUNSET.". 5 mins later (while chatting on about something else all these while), the old noisy grandma said again "Shining SHINING" loudly to her granddaughter and her daughter corrected her again "SUN". I was thinking "SHINE YOUR FUKING ASS, you old baba (as in old obaasan in Japanese)"

If I wasnt so pissed that they were disturbing my nephew, I would have found the scene hilarious. Luckily, my nephew was sooo dead tired that he didnt give a shit and slept on.


Jo said...

Your nephew is so cute.

"me-no-mad" said...

Thank you:)