Friday, January 9, 2009

I love Shiseido Tsubaki Hair Conditioner!!!!

Talking about Uniqlo being from Japan (which i totally didnt spot while in Tokyo....), reminds me of how "bang" I was after I returned.

U see, I have been an avid Shiseido body products (shower gel) for donkey years now way before many people know about it. Don't ask me why I like it, I just do. I even manage to influence my brother....I only had to stop because I couldnt find them in HK and Australia.

The story goes...when I was in Japan, I spotted Shiseido Tsubaki Golden Repair Shampoo (WHITE BOTTLE) and Conditioner in the pharmacy. It cost me $980yen for the 200g treatment conditioner. As everyone has been drilling into my head that stuff in Japan are expensive, so I only bought one tube, thinking i can buy more when i return to HK as I am very sure Citysuper will carry it.

I went checking and my heart nearly stopped at the price discrepancy. For something which I bought for 980yen, it is costing in the range between HK$125-150 for the same exact thing. RIP OFF!!! I sooo wanted to die.... so expensive!!! DAMN DAMN! I so want to kick my bloody arse. I so deserve it.

In case you are wondering why I am so anal to even blog about a conditioner. This is why.
The product is really so DARN good!!!!!!!! As all ladies would love to own, the fragrance is heavenly and lasting. It's not the sickly sweet fruity scent but rather a soothing gentle floral fragrance. My long hair felt positively less coarse and lesser flyaway, not to mention hair felt much more softer without the volume that normally happens with those nasty cheap products that are not meant for Asian hair (like loreal or elseeve)... I could swear by it (even my keratase cannot come close....) .
Asian hair are different from the Caucasians, our skin type are different, so why should our hair be the same? (read) Just like cosmetics, hair products should rightly be customised for the right ethnic group and its nothing to do with racism, just plain logical. (of course, in some western country, stating the difference is courting trouble and inviting lawsuit to even advertise hair product for different "type" of people)
So now, due to my own moment of folly and hesitation in Japan, i can now only use my darling Shiseido treatment conditioner sparingly...hoping to last till Jan before i stockpile my suitcase with more of the conditioner range!!! I refuse to pay Citysuper such a huge profit margin unless I am positively desperate!!!

PS: If you havent started on this product, you dont know what u are missing girl!!


dreams come true said...

oh, now i know what to buy after my shampoo & conditioner run out! seriously, i've never tried although i see it everywhere...

"me-no-mad" said...

Hey girl! U havent tried it yet despite living in Japan for so long?! aaahhhhhh!!!! U are missing out! Well I hope it works the same greatness for u as it did for me! Afterall, it is the NUMBER ONE range in Japan as i read about it. I think the red one is really popular though its the white one i bought as i thot it smell so much nicer. Have a try and tell me what u think?