Friday, January 2, 2009

Funny incident while buying dessert

In a seperate incident when I was buying the Mango dessert drink (许留山)opposite Sogo at causeway bay, this china woman thought she would cut my line and without looking back, she ordered. What she didnt know was that I had already ordered, and just waiting in line with my order ticket, to collect my drink. I just shook my head internally.

While it was obvious to anyone who paid attention or had bothered to Q, everyone who had ordered and collected their ticket, would move away from the counter to make way for others. Yet this China woman firmly stood her ground in front of the counter after her order. She doesnt give a shit of course if she was hindering someone else, or make an observation about what other people before her does. All she cares about is herself, and her order, as if she feared she would lose out on an insignificant mango drink.

What came next was hilarious that had everyone behind her sniggering away. I bet I wasnt the only one who thought this selfish china woman deserved a lesson in manners and social etiquette.

U see, when my drink came, the stall woman yelled for my ticket number 1. The china woman was number 2. Yet, when the china woman saw the cup drink, she made a grab for the cup. Before I could even react, the stall lady slapped off the china woman hand TWICE (like how a mother would slap gently on a nottie kid's hand reaching for something dangerous) and told her in mandarin "Its not yours, its not yours!" The stunned china woman retreated her hand, without a word, and didnt dare to look around. Everyone at the back was laughing at her(quietly) so hard!!

I observed the stall lady all these time and she did it with such a nonchalent face as if it was the most natural action for her. One conclusion, she must have dealed with ALOT of china customers before to become such a lady of steel! haaaa haaaa


Jo said...

This one is really funny... I laughed till I almost fell down from the chair. I can imagine that scene, I think I'll not be laughing quietly if I was around, I'll definitely go 'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH....' if you know me in person. OMG...haha.

littlecartnoodles said...

Hey, Happy New Year !!!

Oh this is too funny. I was at the basement supermarket of SOGO in CWB on Friday when I observed a cashier patiently advising a mainland shopper to join the queue. There's a queueing area marked out neatly with cordons just a meter away, but to the shopper it might as well have been a labyrinth of mystique. She kept asking, "什么?排队?在哪?在那?!"

"me-no-mad" said...

Haa ha Jo trust me, I was bursting and trying so hard not to go HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH...but considering I was in an arm's length from the woman who kena slapped... i figured i better not push my luck or she may turn nasty and turn on... so i rather laugh aloud from the comfort of my home instead recalling the incident:)

"me-no-mad" said...

Happy new year little cartnoodles!!I know I know!! Sogo in CWB is UTTER madness!! If there is a fire, people will die there for sure from stampede! Its crushing on weekends! I know exactly what u mean, I have my share of those pretending that there is no such thing as Q. However, those i encounter who are outright and outloud rude and impervious to stares are old aunties...

the one at the mango dessert store was a young lady about mid twenties and that was what made it extra funny:)