Monday, January 19, 2009

"Two" much of everything...?

It's always 2 maids, 2 cars, 2 dogs and at times 2 kids.
Hong Kong people has this affinity for "two".

Is it some sort of competition or status thing that many households which can afford maid in Hong Kong, always seem to have 2 maids? This is especially true for those families with kids. Apparently I learnt, one maid is dedicated to caring for the kid(s), while the other is solely for household chores. I'm not sure who get to walk the dogs...

Why does one need so many maids in a small 3 bedroom apartment is beyond me. Half the time those who have 2 maids doesnt even have a working mum. Bizarre. On the other hand, 2 cars are great because that mean additional income for me as I rent out my parking lot.

During evening time as I head to the supermarket, I spot those maids whom are suppose to walk the dogs. The sight that greets me is a whole bunch of Filippinos gathering at one spot in the walkway, chatting and laughing away happily, while the poor leashed dogs could only either sit, stand or venture within the radius their leash allow them to.

It's a daily thing I see. The same maids, the same poor dogs, the same spot.

So if you ever entrust your maid to do the "Walking", I would sugguest you either spot check them ocassionally, or do the dog walking yourself since the stroll would do your health some benefit anycase. Why bother to have a dog if you dont do anything of those things that comes as a responsibilities of a dog owner is beyond me...


(( K@Y )) said...

I rather have no maid because I just don't trust them with my house, my family or my dog. Two kids is fine, one car is Two plus dog is great...haha

littlecartnoodles said...

I had been advised that the ideal Helper-to-Child ratio is 1:1. With two helpers, one can take her rest day on Sunday and the other on another day so that the family will still have help on Sunday.

Apparently, the process of evolution had accelerated and our generation has somehow lost that superhuman ability that our parents had to raise children without domestic help.

Seeing helpers walk their employers' dogs at night in the cold, holding newspapers to wipe up any dog poo left on the pavement, just makes me sad.