Friday, February 13, 2009

Dars New Choc Flavor

Found a new flavor of Japanese Choc that I am currently addicted to - Dars Creamy Cocoa. Only sold in City Super as far as I can find. After this, I can't go back to the old Dar's red pack anymore coz I find them too sweet now.

Nowadays, I buy stacks of choc home since I am finishing them faster than i can blink..not good..not good at all for my waist line....

The wind is exceptionally strong today. Gushing through the house. I hate the enveloping mist too. It's so thick that it completely obscure the peak mountain behind my place. I feel as if I am amongst the clouds.

Not only that, everything in the house felt a bit damp and my sheets are not drying properly. Such fantastic timing since I am washing 2 sets of sheets this week to prepare for my in laws arrival. I guess I have to stick them into the dryer at some point, though I much prefer not to since it wear out the rubber fitting very quickly.. As I am typing this, the layer of mist is descending quickly and looked even heavier than before.

The whole coming week is predicted rainy, warm, sticky and misty.
I am missing my winter months already.... Can't wait for my next Japan trip, hopefully weather will be more decent than HK.

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