Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Niseko Food Talk

Food...glorious food.

With our constant nightly ripping of smelly loud farts going for us, I reckon we probably overate every night... (^-^) Who would resist good food?!!!

I was often famished and so I didnt take much pictures. Also, half the time I was skiing and it was too much of a hassle to bring my camera along. For those moments I remembered, here there are.

We had dinner one night at J.Sekka (Hirafu),Bang Bang (Hirafu), Rin (Hirafu) and another 2 nights at the Northern Niseko Resort, which is in Annurpuri. I personally would like to try staying here one time only for the reason it is a ski in/ out hotel to the door steps. However, Sekka lodge is just as good and we prob got a better deal out of ours.

That aside, the hotel's Japanese restaurant "An-Non" is SERIOUSLY GOOD! When we work out the price conversion, the meal is actually comparable if not cheaper than a meal out in a fancy restaurant in HK! Bear in mind we are eating really fresh seafood like fatty tuna sashimi, broiled snowcrab leg, BIG FAT scallops and the buttery tasting beef. Funny how we keep thinking yen is strong but after being here, meals still work out cheaper if u compare it to dining spots of the same yardstick.

At An-nonMy husband said this is the BEST tempura prawns he had ever tasted. previously he had never been a fan because the batter was never light and crispy without being oily, and prawns cooked just right. Here, he actually proposed ebi Tempura twice in a row! Our personal fav were the Fatty Toro Tuna that doesnt taste nor look anything like fish, and the beef which is so sweet and soft. By the time I rem the camera, my beef were all gone in a flash.

For the sake of demonstrating the ratio of how big the scallop was, I decided to "model" my hand for it, and also a very much satisfied diner when the butter steamed scallop is all gone.
J.Sekka was alright but I felt it was more catered to a caucasian crowd and the seafood wasnt as big and fresh as a typical Jap restaurant.

Bang Bang is a yakitori place and supposedly recommended by those ski mags, so i see way too many expats here. Never a good thing when u do not see much Japanese. Dont get me wrong. It's decent and fresh food, but I felt, my money would be better spent somewhere else. Too much hype I think. However, the distinctive FANTASTIC singular dish I love here is their scallop. How on earth they get such huge scallops with all the pink juicy bits is unfathomable.

Rin is a typical Izayaka, family style. The food is alright and value for money, but not exactly spectacular. It's just the produce is sooo fresh that it is almost a sin to ruin any dish. Their tofu salad and grilled snapper stood out the most that night we feasted.

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