Saturday, February 28, 2009

Night gathering

Another gathering and it turned out even better because we had more ex colleagues joining in than anticipated. Barbie especially is a rare appearance since she is hardly ever available during dinner gathering. We ended up at Pokka cafe and Ivan was embarrassed when Barbie pointed it out that wasnt UCC cafe. Hoo hooo..

Barbie is one of those "little woman" whose whole life revolves and prioritise round her partner. Since the first day we all knew her, she was forth coming in that she is the sort that will "sacrifice" her friends to keep her bf company. She seriously stated it's her mission to spend as much time with her honey. Personally I found it really adorable of her to be so candid and honest about it. As she has been sooo upfront about it, no one ever hold it against her if she doesnt appear. She is a cute character. Very princessy, with a penchant for nice (branded)clothes, bags and shoes, and alot of expensive bling bling to tag along. Very Barbie indeed. Haaaa. By the way, Barbie isnt even her name but a nick we gave her in office without malicious intent. Its just a term that pop into every's head and it suited her to a T. Being her, she didnt mind one bit either and relish the fact we even coin a name for her. haaa

Anycase, last night was as usual a blast when everyone get together and started yakking. My laugh lines has prob deepen by an inch just surviving from last night. The group as usual never fail to impart some localised "vulgarity" to me. It took me the longest time to figure out why "Dining Wok" and "7" were vulgar terms.

The conversations ranges from so many things and everyone was just pitching in. From our exbosses or rather how Linda scared off our former Belgium boss with her infamous "NO MONEY NO TALK" slamming of the table during pay discussion, to Barbie's dog to helpers...Linda is one funny girl and she always made us laugh with her complete honesty. We said she had etched the worst possible image of HK girls in our foreign bosses mind now and scarred him for life now. Linda in turn retored no what, he gave me wine. He knows the cantonese word asking me to hurry up and leave (wine sound like leave in cantonese)! We laughed so hard! The most heated discussion that night centered on "Dishonest Maids" and how 90% will take liberty with your stuff. Even the most hardworking and honest ones will pinch a couple of hundreds when u aint looking. Sigh. I was sharing how my part time maid is starting to take liberty of my kindness too.....

Barbie also showed us a pix of her beary looking dog. We nearly died from laughing when she honestly confessed she partially bought the dog because it was cute, but also to keep her maid busy. However now she regrets having the dog since it took more time than she expected. Like me, we believe dogs are just dogs and shouldnt be treated as if they are human beings. So her dog trainer was appalled when Barbie drew the line saying she would never call herself "MOMMY" of the dog.

Barbie and I, we believe the dogs are just pets, and should be viewed as one. So no licking on the face, No lip to lip kissing with the dog, No sharing of bed, and definitely no "come to mommy". Jo was so amused and kept laughing at the two of us agreeing with each other about how some people just go overboard with their pets...

Well, the night din't end till about midnight. Ivan had to leave before desserts to pick up his Snow white while the girls stayed behind to chat more. The heart shape waffle is really nice!

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