Friday, February 27, 2009

Vday meal

Completely forgotten to update about Valentine Day.

When it comes to special days like this, I have to hand it to my partner. He is WAaaaaYYYYY much better at remembering things like these than I am. Honestly, for a woman, I am embarrassed to say I dont have any romantic genes in me. Sadly, something just isnt genetically programmed into me. I wonder if I should have been born a guy instead?

We have never celebrated V-day ever because I think its so cliche and I hate crowd. This year he decided to not stay at home. It also happened to land on a sat which is usually our eat out day. So apart from the fancy but disaapointing Italian dinner on Friday, we thought we would try the V-day set Jap dinner at our fav haunt. The good thing about being a regular, it helps with getting a prefered seating. Heh heh... I'm a sucker for things like that.

Dinner was alright. Not overly expensive and the fatty tuna just didnt match those I had in Hokkaido. Oh. I got a rose too. That freaking rose lasted a long time man. I didnt remove the stalk from the packaging and left it in one corner. Up till today (how many days passed?), it's still alive and kicking and bright red, with only a few outer petals wrinkled. I am impressed!

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