Friday, February 27, 2009

Lunch at Agnes B

Lunch at Agnes B.
I wonder how long the Agnes B restaurant is gonna stick around judging by the mostly empty tables most nights. Sooner or later they have to fold if this crisis keeps up. Personally even before the econmy hits a snag, I have already felt they are overly ambitious, too fast too many outlets at one go. It's like 4 outlets now if i rem correctly. Crazy. How many good French resturant under the same label does one need? Not to mention pricey.

The main course was alright. I like my lobster and Jo's beef was decent. I had wanted the mussels but they didnt have stock. Must be cutting costs. A sign of things to come..... I was so full after lunch that I cannot stomach any dinner. Must be the cheese.... since I didnt think I ate that much.

The cakes are alittle disappointing honestly. The chocolate truffle slice is way too bitter, rich and lacking something. The mango cheesecake is also a little rich but fared slightly better than the choc truffle. This is coming from a choc fanatic.... so u can imagine. I like their tea offering though - Orange Pekoe. Very light and aromatic. An enjoyable way to spend a day with friends without the crowd.

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