Thursday, February 5, 2009

Onsen time!

One of the nice thing during my ski trip was the trip to Onsen.

Hotel Kanronomori which was close to where we stayed had one. So we decided to head for it one day when we returned early from ski and didnt feel like more physical excercise.

During our first try, we couldnt get the outdoor onsen as it was fully book. So we settled for the indoor one. It was good and relaxing and even comes with a massage bed! We were both fighting like kids for it of course in the precious remaining 10 mins after our onsen soak!!

On our second visit, we manage to get our private outdoor onsen which was located 2 floors below the reception area. This time, there wasnt any shower facility nor massage bed. What we got instead was just a normal room with TV, and an outdoor onsen in a wooden tube out in the cold air.

For reasons of modesty, here's a preview of the tube before my session:)

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