Thursday, August 6, 2009

Buzzer Beat Ep 4 Review

ahh...i love episode 4 of buzzer beat...

generally its a pretty good episode. i simply love riko, she is so adorable here esp the part when she went ''oh i forgot my bra'' and her excited girl look when she realised that it was naoki's mobile she picked up...hilarious.
when she tried to convince herself that she doesnt like Naoki, and went muttering ''Í DONT LIKE HIM'' continously, i was no no, like him like him....he is YOURS...
buzzer beat episode 4 summary

the scene starts at the beach, where riko excitedly shared with mami her discovery, that naoki is the guy whose mobile they had returned and he was the guy they had seen running after the bus. riko started to say it was destiny, and mami agreed it was indeed destiny, but that naoki is the cupid that brought riko and the coach together. that said, it dampened riko's mood as that obviously was not what she had in mind. mami noticed the visible change in her expression, expressed in shock that riko wasnt thinking that naoki is the ''destined man '' did she? riko of course immediately denied thinking so [ though her downcast expression states otherwise].

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