Tuesday, August 25, 2009

rambling before flight

pretty excited, will be heading to seoul tomorrow. totally, utterly unprepared..haaaa haaaa.

went to check in via korean air website today...all i can say is that it is super confusing. i had to click a few places to try to figure out hpw to book my seat. the interface needs to be more navigational friendly man...other than that, its great, i can actually select my seat like 90days in advance. cool. that is better than cathay.

had to go to 2 banks today to get some won changed. i guess not many banks want to hold on to large amount of korea currency with all the changes in rates.
the thing i hate about summer apart from the heat is the disgusting insects that keep biting my legs. they are not the typical mosquitoes i get from singapore or sydney, these buggers are terribly toxic. they sting u and then leave a swollen red mark which can get itchy. the red angry sore will then stay on my leg for weeks. the last bites i got are like 3 weeks old now and while the redness has subside, the mark itself hasnt.

today while waiting for the mini bus, i got bitten again...because i forgot to apply insect repellant. damn. i had to dash to pharmacy to buy the tube of mopiko-s tube. the one made in japan that specifically stop itch and reduce red swelling if u catch the bite in time. By far, this tube is the most effective anti itch ointment i have found. It works tons better than the original mopiko green tube. I often find the original formula to be weak and doesnt stop the itch. i have another mopoki version which is liquid based, that is pretty good too but not effective in reducing the red swollen nature of the bite. so this tube is definitely worth the buy.

hyun is telling me to consider missha's facial sunscreen. i have tried his tube at home when i went swimming and my face hasnt reacted badly to it. worth the thought but i am so lazy. he was nagging at me just the other day because i didnt have the habit of sunblock, nor apply any compact powder... sometimes i forget if he's the bloke or i am.... ;]
had lunch at sen ryo again. its the more premium range from genki sushi. While i think very little of genki sushi, senryo was a complete surprise. I had been avoiding conveyor belt chain in general in hk because of freshness issue but the other day, i saw their menu on otoro and i thought what the hell....u know what...that is the BEST chain japanese store i have patronised as far. Their otoro and chu-toro are marvellous and fresh... the portion are fair and price justifed. i wont say its dirt cheap at HK48 for 2 slices of otoro sushi, HK40 for 2 chutoro sushi, but it sure beats the price of a japanese restaurant at HK60 per slice. Plus the quality is considerably good, so it has been my fav lunch place for the month now. Its the best alternative as far to eating fatty tuna sushi in japan.
went to wet market and damn, i really miss those taiwan mangoes. Prob due to the typhoon damage, all fresh fruits from taiwan has ceased for weeks now. I loved those jumbo mangoes and lychees man...used to have them every other nite when they were in full stock. Now all i can pick from are the philippino mangoes. not interested. too small and not as sweet.
alrite. i better get to bed. need to finish my jap homework before i fly off.
i hope the weather in seoul will be good.

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