Tuesday, August 18, 2009

heading to seoul

Its kinda amazing whenever I look back and realise that it has only been a month since i got to know hyunji, for the fact that we really click very well together. My husband was laughing at the fact that hyun and I are stuck at hips these days spending our free time hanging out.

One of the best things that drew us together was of course korean music and drama. We were just sharing yesterday about how when we first met to do lunch together, neither of us ever thought that we would hit off so well. Even both our partners are surprised really... haaa haaaa.

well, heading to seoul next week for hols.
its probably kinda strange if i tell people that i am going korea with my husband's 2male friends without my husband...haaa haa. well technically, hyun is more my friend now. haaaa People will probably frown upon the idea..until maybe if i explain that the couple is gay.

HMMmmm...To travel with my husband's friend will be a first, to live with gay couple for a week will be a first, to travel in korea air will be a first, to live in service apartment will be a first, to be in korea will also be a first. wow, pretty much alot of first in one go.

have always thought about going to korea but the fact that i cannot speak korean kinda made me shelve the plan. Previously had planned the trip with my other korean friend but SARS hit asia and we had to abort the plan.

this time with hyunji to bring me around, now that would be a completely different matter together. He's definitely more excited than i am, already checking off his list of things to see and buy from korea. he hasnt really settle down mentally in hk yet, in the sense there is always this immediate comparison how different things are in seoul etc and how he only trust his country's products. Not that i blame him, been there done that.

alrite, that's all the update for now.
time to go wipe those moulds and milddew off the bedroom walls and all the furniture. these fungus are mushrooming everywhere in the guest room due to the water condensation from the summer heat. looks really gross if u ask me. one moment they are not there, next moment they are everywhere when u are not looking. super tiring to wipe them off, not to mention getting to the ceiling. my neighbor upstairs must be really cranking up their aircon to freezing point for it to form water droplets on my room ceiling if i dont have my aircon on as well. sigh. why do i have such CHEAPSKATE landlord who doesnt even use anti fungus paint.

i really wish for summer to be over soon.


WhiteDuskRed said...

2 trips to Seoul in the past 4 years. Not much Korean in my vocab except for a certain honeydew(hamigua?). But that simply adds to the excitement!

Tips : If the roadside stall looks clean enough and the food appealing enough, try it!

nomad said...

hey thanks!!

yeah my friend was telling me about those roadside stall as well, something like hk dapaidong style or pasar malam stall kinda style. i am so looking fwd to it.

did u try the korean palace food cusine. we are toying with the idea but the place is always fully book so may not have a chance to try it this time...

well, at least i can say go away stop, sorry, please dont go in korean, though i am not sure how that will help me. i intend to glued to my korean host and be stuck at hips with him the whole time. actually i am looking fwd to lottel world the theme park. hope the weather is good. so much rain nowadays... sigh