Saturday, August 29, 2009

2nd update from Seoul

I am busier than expected in Seoul. Been eating, walking, and shopping till I drop dead. Imagine... shopping till wee morning 4.30am...

I have been watching My Fair Lady on Tv. Pretty good watching Tv with real time translator next to me for a change rather than reading the subs, not to mention have someone making comments with me as we watch it together.. Ha!

I went to do the local sauna and hot bath thingie at Yongsan today. Oh its soo fun! Unfortunately i couldnt take pictures inside so I wont be able to show u guys. However, it was kinda shocking for me when the elevator door open and my eyes are greeted by dozens of fully naked fair korean women walking all over. I was laughing and told hyun that i felt as if I step into the world of a porn set, without the act of course. Shocker! I was quite lost for the initial minutes....since there wasnt any english signs and i had to wander around, figuring my way and watch how the locals did it... Its a completely different experience from visiting the public baths and hotspring in Japan. Just uniquely different but I had fun.

Back to Sauna, they will give u 2 small towels and a set of clothes to change into. Initially I was wondering.. do i wear or take off like the bra and stuff since the sauna common area is unisex. It's really a personal choice but it seems none of the korean woman i saw were wearing it. There was open area where everyone can just lie down, watch some TV [big screen], and buy snack from the store there. I lierallt tried out the various sand, kiln room, traditional korean hot charcoal sauna and steam, plus the ice room. There were also rows of massage chairs for u to get a good massage.

After all the steaming and soaking in the various hot baths, I was all ready for the body scrub at 20,000won for 15mins, kinda like the turkey baths if u know what i mean... U lay on a bed, and the lady in her black undergarments will start to scrub you from face to toe, covering every inch. U get surprised at how much dead skin cell there is...... my skin never felt cleaner and smoother.... :P By the way, I did the funny towel head wrap with the 2 buns on each side thingie too. Very few koreans did it in real life, unlike what i saw in the drama.

At the snack bar, This little korean baby girl was soo cute, i was picking out my icecream and she started to follow me all over, and ever stealing mouthful of icecream from mine! I had to carry her all over hunting for her was quite funny since i dont speak korean and she doesnt seem to care. She didnt seem to mind strangers at all. I think it was the icecream lure.... haaa

Food wise, I am loving it. My korean friend was kinda surprised at how I took in all the food with gusto and actually enjoying it. Strange it may sound but some of the flavor actually tasted like my mum's like the aged old kimchee spicy soup, it actually tasted like my mum's sezchuan spicy soup!!! I love the spicy hot pot too. Yummy!!! I had korean-chinese cusine today. It was not authentic chinese. It was chinese food tailored to korean taste so it was pretty new experience. I love it though. We went to this shop at Namdaemum area and it was fab!

Ok... The pictures will come later when i get back...meanwhile....No drama updates still... till next week!

Tomorrow..everland it is! Water theme park and stuff... I hope I wont be too drained!

PS: Incidentally, I must this 'international' face or something because everyone thought I was korean till I open my mouth that is.... Hyun cannot see it, neither can I but apparently the salesgirls said I looked like Korean, and so did the local BBQ stall owner auntie... Hmmm...

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