Wednesday, August 19, 2009

buzzer beat episode 6 review and summary

I should be excited about this episode, afterall they finally kissed but somehow I am not feeling it and wasnt overly gushing in hysterical. I wasnt sure if it was the awkward falling over, combined with lack of expression on Naoki when kissed that kinda taken the climax away. not too good acting skills can do that for me, dulling my senses.... however, the actress playing riko is perfect. she did every expression and mood really well. come on naoki... what on earth are u waiting for..
no matter, i really really love the violin track played by riko... think i will pop out to buy the ost since its already out.
violin track - 彼女の夏 [sample play]

The episode started with Riko and Naoki hugging following from last week. Then for some reason, RiKO kinda lost balance and fell ontop in an awkward position on top of Naoki. They gazed into each other and i suppose lost in the moment but i didnt feel it. maybe this scene would have been better for me if it was included last week because i felt the momentum was lost somehow but its just me.

anyway, riko's mobile alarm went off and broke the spell and the two split themselves apart. naoki asked if riko want to go see the coach but she declined saying that she didnt have makeup on etc and said she has to leave for her job anycase. riko asked naoki again what happened and he explained it was just a case of hurt pride and nothing else. riko then told naoki that they are just friends, and she is just his fan. why she have to say that outloud is kinda beyond me but then that's the script.

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