Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i want to murder those brats

today is one of those days where i really had to hold my hand back from slapping the head of this stupid bratty hk boy.

In the supermarket, I was checking some products on the shelves when these 2 fucking stupid devel spawn push me from behind with the fucking shopping basket and cut my leg while he ran off. The 2 fucking moronic monkey bastards did not even stop to apologise and continue to run laughing. i was almost on the verge of catching up to those 2 fucking twerps and rattle them silly and fuck him in their face. I dont give a shit who their parents are who are obviously missing and not giving a damn shit leaving their 2 fucking offsprings to terrorise everyone else in the suerpmarket.

i had to count to 10 to cool myself down. My murderous intent was very very very very hard to rein in. while i generally dont like those shitty brats, i have never ever thought of inflicting physical pain on them until today, until those 2 fucking bastards. So I did the unthinkable. I hunted that fucking monkey down, and he was obviously still a running menance in the supermarket.He was also bending over the frozen food section and pressin on all the products, damaging the boxes, i really had a good mind not to just push him and topple him over.

After zeroing in on the culprit, I took my trolley and RAM it to that fucking shithead from the back really hard with the same intensity that he hit me with. Then I walked up to him and tersely told him off, that he had better learn his lessons and that the next time he hit someone while behaving like an animal, he should apologise minimally. That worked and gave me much satisfaction.... it took alot of human decency not torture him. In fact, i was really thirsting to see some deep bruise on that shitface.He deserve it in my books. Why should i put up with fucking ill bred stock like him just because i am older. The world is not his playground. Just because he is a tyrant over his desperate trailing maid behind doesnt mean he is entitled to abuse everyone else around him as well.

My logic is, if you dont want people like me to swear and abuse your kid, then dont let your fucking offsprings run wild like baboons in the suerpmarket and knocking people off, without manners to apologise. i dont fucking care if they are young or just kids, to me they are no different from beasts if they cannot be raised and act like human beings. Even a pet dog has better manners than these 2 screaming shitheads. when will parents learn that supermarket is not a playground for your kids to roam free and wild.

why do people have kids to torture other people. if u want to have kids, be my guest, but keep your ill bred species within short leash before one day they get ran over or beaten up by someone else with even lesser patience than me.

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