Wednesday, August 19, 2009

rental viewing

was rental apartment hunting, just to check out the current rates and corresponding floor space etc. there was this building near our current place which i had set my eyes on, for the private location and the fact it is single tower only. so came weekend and we arrange to have a viewing.

as my agent was describing the complex being built by singapore company [which explains the unexplainable familiar kinship and liking for me..haaa ], then he went on to say the hk celebrity artist eason has a unit here on xx floor.

wait a min. this sounds familiar.
i rem my gf told me once that when she was staying with her bf's parents in hk, they had eason as their neighbor and she bumped into him while he was have a quick puff downstairs. could it be its the same building...

then the agent continue to inform me that our sg ambassador was also staying there on the whole xx floor. oh ok. yah its the same building alrite since that's J's parents alrite... talk about small city...sigh.

the building has a lovely view but its freaking hot with all the glass panel. of course, from there, i had the whole view of all the ridiculous huge bungalows and had a private intro of which billionare and whose mistress, 2nd-4th wives are staying in which buildings... talk about hk tabloids and gossips first hand.

Apparently, aaron kwok jogs often at the hk jockey club track too, and so does several other artists. my agent was saying how of course aaron will cover his face with those shade mask thingie but isnt that the same as attracting attention....hmm..i guess he just doesnt want people to see his sweaty face. i would have expect him to have his own personal gym seriously. maybe he just like the fresh polluted hk air. ha.

overall the rents are still high and just marginally lower than when we first sign on. there really isnt much to choose from in causeway bay really. we went to check out bel air new phases and its really small. the one which is soooo hyped about being designed by norman foster is frankly nothing to crow about. granted it has a huge kitchen, with an island top, but the rooms are narrow and small. as for the other phase 4, its also very crammed though i have to say their club house is fabulous.... damn i miss a good lap pool.

went to my hyun;s place at tung chung, they had a fking gianormous pool and i had such fun frolicking in it, and doing my laps. i could camp there man. if it wasnt that inconvenient for my hubby, i honestly wont mind living there esp rent is a fraction of what we are paying now. sigh.
oh well. let's pray my landlord will not ask for too much.

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