Wednesday, November 4, 2009

C-Music: 我愛過很多人

Came across this old Mandarin song [我愛過很多人] by 冯颖琪. But the original singer is 蓝奕邦.

Its nothing spectacular but over a few times, kinda like it. The rythmn and lyrics kept repeating in my head.


曲/詞: 藍奕邦
編曲/監製: 藍奕邦/李漢金

我愛過很多人 很多人愛過我
卻沒有嘗試過 愛到走火入魔
我愛的那些人 沒一個愛過我
想愛我那些人 我卻大意錯過

我愛的那些人 到現在還恨我
愛我的那些人 很久已經沒有連絡
但我還在回味 從他們身上 得到的收穫

我愛過很多人 很多人愛過我
不是愛得太多 就是愛不夠多
究竟那個時候 才遇到一個人
兩個人給的愛 都是一樣的多

我也不想這樣 一直不知所措...


I have loved many, and been loved by many
Yet I have never been obsessively in love
To those I had love, none has ever love me
To those who had wanted to love me, I have carelessly missed.

*Those whom I have loved still hate me
They said I have never truly love them
Those who loved me, we have not been in contact for years
Yet for now, I'm still reminiscing those times spent with them.

I have loved many, and many have loved me
It's either one has love too much, or too little
So when will it be, before I will meet one
where both will love equally
(repeat *)

I wont want to be persistently at a complete loss...

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