Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A brand new year (again)

Brand New Year and nothing really new to talk about. I suppose people make new year resolutions but since I have been seemingly living my life right, so i gathered I am spared from making any since there really isnt any bad habit I feel a need to break or a new goal to achieve.

Xmas sucks as usual, with an exception highlight that I get to spend a day of the hols with an old friend.

Good, memorable Xmas comes rare for me. I would be happy enough if no one pisses me off. As usual this year some one did (again), what's new... Why do simpleton even try to even piss me off continuously after I had try to let past issues slide?

I have balls. I was just afraid they will be too huge for these morons to swallow. Apparently they are too dense to realise. But enough is enough. My threshold has been crossed. So come this year, the only difference is that instead of only me having my Xmas ruined, I decided to bring someone down with me by retaliating with my frosty "U are invisible" reception. No more playing nice. The message went through loud and clear, with Much gratification on my part. No point dwelling about it. Nothing victorious but it helps in soothing my ego. My mojo is back! That is why I hate Xmas, having to make small talks and going out to meet and spend time with people I abhor.

Got a new toy this xmas.
An iPhone! Dont really need it, didnt ask for it but I must have been on the Santa Dean's list. Ha! Havent been able to lift my fingers off the screen since I hooked it up... In bed, in loo, in kitchen, in almost everywhere except the bath. I luv this 24hr connectivity to the internet man!!! Gross as it may sound, U have no idea what joy it delivers as I even get to read my manga as I Poo poo! Joy to the world! haaaaaa

Well folks, enjoy the brand new year.
It's 2010.
Bring it on!


BarryO said...

Turn of my year was marked by a near empty train near central station. "sunny fylo" and looking for a kiss. The only response was an elderly woman saying "he does speak good cantonese"

Yea! 2010 bring it on :-)
Happy new yrar.

Nomad said...

Ha ha u mean the fellow was soliciting kiss in Hk train??? Tough luck man.... U should ve pointed the fellow to LKF for better luck..... Anyway, happi new year there Barry!

BarryO said...

Um... no that guy was me.

I guess I was hoping for too much. Even on the turn of the year HK people still feel so untouchable.