Monday, January 11, 2010

Incorrect use of "No seat" on CX

Someone should inform Cathay Pacific on using "proper" English for signs/ instructions on board their planes.

I forgot to take a picture but if you have ever taken their business class segment, with the remodelled seat, you will understand what I am referring to.

Someone should have Cathay Pacific rectify the incorrect use of "No Seat" sign above the leg rest. It should have been reflected as "Not a Seat" or "Do not sit" instead, to align with the intended meaning as translated from their Cantonese/ Mandarin text below.

One would imagine an airline this established, would make a greater conscientious effort to ensure the correctness of languages used on-board...otherwise, I wonder which language directives will supercede the other? The Chinese or the English instructions since they mean completely different thing?

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BarryO said...

Look out on the wings, usually you`ll see a "No Step" sticker. Maybe its an up in the air thing.