Sunday, January 10, 2010

Such a bad look

Never am quite sure who is the idiotic fashionista who came up with the indecent design of having jeans hang loosely halfway down your butt, exposing the unsightly boxers worn by the tasteless youth in question.

Many times I saw scrawny, unshapely youngsters walking around town, proudly parading in the city area with a pair of jeans obviously several sizes too big for their imaginery huge waist. It's hideous. With sloppy top and a super loose jeans emphasing how flat and shapeless their bodily bottom half is, why on earth does any guy think they look good in it? Not only that, they have to apparently keep pulling their jeans up at some point as they walk, to prevent the complete exposure of their inner wear as their jeans might potentially drop down quite literally.

As I walked along the HK station travelator connection to Central, this dude in front of me was wearing just that oversized jeans, and worse with those fashionable "torn and tattered" ripped patches. Why pay good money on something that looks like the only possession a tramp might own is beyond me.

The back pockets of the jeans were hung so low that it was halfway down the thigh. The guy was stuffing his wallet into his back pocket with much difficulty, and simultaneously trying to hold up his jeans as he was shoving it down at the same time. It's almost hilarious if I didnt think it was a stupid concept.

So I mused aloud to my husband as too why on earth would this guy before us, want to wear a pair of jean that makes his backside appear flat and almost non existent? That aside, his boxer short looks awlfully nasty and cheap too. Doesnt he realise he looks rather comical with half of his pants almost falling off?

Obviously we are within ear shot what I said must have gotten to him, because almost immediately, the guy decided he didnt want to remain as the object of my interest, and decided to oblige my modesty by pulling those damn jeans up properly to cover his underpants/ boxer short. Which incidentally I felt like telling him that starting from waist, not butt is the proper way to wear any piece of trousers, jeans or pants; not to mention the guy looked much more presentable almost immediately...

Oh well, maybe this is the so call generation gap, where I have come to question the "sense and sensibility" of some of the things that go on around me.... seriously, having the waist of the jeans hanging halfway down your butt is really NOT a good look regardless which era we are in. If that is the definition of cool, and suave look nowadays, all I can say is that really spell the dearth of good fashion combined with common sense.

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BarryO said...

Not a style I`d look good in myself. But jeans hanging off, preferably in motion downwards, might be appealing.

I guess we (not you, me) are just getting older. Maybe we should look out some photos of the 70`s and 80`s to remind ouself we once looked terrible too.