Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Singapore Food Review: Dinner @ Absinthe

Realised that there are so much backlog as I was sifting through my old pictures....

Ok, this is my update on Absinthe , a modern french cusine restaurant nestled in the lovely shophouses along Bukit Pasoh road in Singapore which I had tried in last Oct. (online review)

Since it has been such a while, I wouldnt have much details except that it had been a rather enjoyable dinner. The meal was excellent, food cooked to perfection, and the best of all, the French maitre d' Philippe was a delightful company who had absolutely made our night merry. He had us hooting in laughters with his stories and personal insights, unlike the typical stiff, or formal maitre d in larger establisments. He was a charmer alright, as many French guys typical are with honey coat gift of a gab. Chef Francois, who had previously been at Flutes@ the Fort had also came out to greet us and had a small chat, to ensure all was well. Those who had followed my previous food reviews would rem how I had praised my experience @Flutes, and hence it would come as no surprise that I state the dinner fare I had at Absinthe was even better than that he had produce at Flutes. I guess Chef Francois had been a busy boy and not resting on his laurels.

We had ordered half a dozen oysters and it was clean and fresh to the palette. Chef Francois appeared by our table to explain "the oysters were alittle small in size and thus there were 8 oysters instead to compensate for the size. Dont worry, this chef can count!" With that, I broke into a laugh as he winked a cheeky grin. I appreciate the fact that the chef had taken the time to mingle with the guest as time permits, and didnt go by the book of "a dozen is a dozen". I like and appreciate the fact he was fair in the treatment of his guests.

Focusing on the mains.

The renowed pork belly was fantastic. When chatting with the chef, when I mentioned my intended choice of the pork belly, he assured us with great humour and confidence that the pork belly is as good as its namesake. It was so good that I almost forgot to take a picture being busy chomping down, thus the half eaten portion snapshot below.

I was truly not disappointed and my partner was kicking his own arse for forgoing the pork. His lamb was excellent but mine was way better. haaaa! To be fair in my review, the lamb was pink, succulent and juicy. Tender but full of flavour no matter.

Hence the next time you are in town, wanting a special dinner with someone, make a note to check out Absinthe if u want something more fancy. Incidentally, they also have a seperate wine bar section, and their famous sister Italian restaurant is also located upstairs.

UPDATE 2012:

Philippe has left but food is still good.

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