Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beauty Review: Neo Strata Cleanser PH4

It took me a while to realise but after using Neo Strata facial cleanser, I am sold on the effectiveness of this cleanser. It has been 8 months since I started on this. If you have sensitive skin (prone to combination/ oily skin depending on the weather) like me, U really ought to try this. It works way better than Demalogica Special Gel Cleanser and less harsh than many cleansers out in the retail market.

(I have tried ALOT of cleanser and this works best for me by far)

After I had finished with my Menard cleanser, realised I needed something milder for dry fall/winter. For some reason, my face doesnt like alot of the SPF content they put inside cosmetic products which gives me red blotches or dry patches around my nose and mouth area. Applying La Mer helps to reduce the impact but I am too lazy to rem to do so everyday for winter because it can be a little rich if used everyday.

One gal recommended me to use Neo Strata's PHA4 facial cleanser, so I tried it with leap of faith and I was rewarded. It took me a few moments to get get use to the non-foamy lathering formula. If you have used cetaphile before, its kind of the same texture. I suppose without the foam, it doesnt strip the oil off your face either which is a super good thing if your face is already dry and sensitive like mine.

It took me over half a year to realise an improvement. My blackheads has significantly lessen on my nose, which I am complementing it with Fancl's black head remover now. I dont really need the Fancl blackhead remover unless I had used cosmetics eg: foundation etc. which I notice will leave some blackhead area the nose bridge area.

I am sprouting less zits, and also I have decided to use it for summer and it remains equally good in keeping my face clean and happy. It's kind of expensive but what the hell, if its good stick to it.

So now my happy summer cleansing schedule (that works for my combination sensitive skin) is

1. Neo Strata Cleanser PH4
2. Fancl Black Head remover (once/twice a week)
3. SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Serum (definite keeps you skin supple!)
4. Fancl DX Lotion Light + Milky Lotion (bought it on a whim and working alrite so far)
5. Demalogical Multivatamin Power Recovery Masque (Never leave home without it product! At least once a week or more often after makeup removal)

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